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Lesotho - China Fellowship Collegiate

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Sign up for volunteer opportunities, be an active member of our organisation, and share our mission of promoting the welfare of children and their families.

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Offering scholarships in addition to government-funded ones to help eligible students achieve their educational goals.

Help People

Provide emergency aid and help individuals recover. We help children, the impoverished, and human rights campaigners. We value aid, solidarity, and humanity.


Helping Children By Donate Us Will Change a Child's Life

Education is the foundation for a better life. It is the most effective driver for societal change. A youngster cannot, however, receive an education in a vacuum. Only a family with strength, especially the mother, would be prepared to educate their offspring. We therefore support the lifespan approach rather than concentrating on just one stage of a person’s life. Every year, African Humanitarian Development PTY directly benefits many kids and their families. In rural African villages and urban slums, we are now working on several welfare programmes focusing on women’s empowerment, healthcare, livelihood, and education.

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Raising money for clean water is twice as easy.

Our Recent Social Work

Help Needy People

We help and support impoverished children and needy individuals, the future of our country, to move forward.


We provide health facilities to needed people and keep them from recurrence during disasters or emergencies, so they don't experience problems.

Child Education

We educate underprivileged children and encourage them to get a good education and emphasise the value of quality education.